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Everything Office is one of the UK's leading stationery and office supplies companies in the country. As the name suggests, we can provide you with everything you need for your office.

So we can supply not just pens and paper, but can also provide you with printers, scanners and office furniture with a deliver and build service. We can also design and print all of your office stationery, from letterheads to complete corporate brochures. We pride ourselves on being able to offer you a dedicated account manager to help with product advice and to ensure that you are ordering the correct product for the job in hand.

Everything Office is the leading technologically advanced office supplies company in the UK. We are the first company to implement SAP Business One in the office supplies industry. This enables us to be fully integrated with our e-commerce procurement solution and our suppliers. This technology ensures that we are able to improve the level of service we can offer you and your business ensuring that orders are processed quickly and efficiently.

This same technology has a punch-out facility that can be used with many other business systems and enables us to take purchase orders direct from your system. If your company is using a business system that has the capability of using punch-out technology please speak to one of our account managers about the benefits it can bring to your office.

Everything Office has moved into a brand new, purpose built eco office. The stylish modern office has been built to be a practical working office with as many environmentally friendly features as possible.

The most obvious feature of the new office is our spectacular new green roof. This is covered with a plant called sedum, which is often found in rockery gardens. The sedum plant is extremely easy to look after, in fact it only needs cutting once a year.

The green roof helps absorb the carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere and it puts plenty of healthy oxygen back. The sedum on the roof also acts as an additional insulator for the office helping to reduce the amount of heating needed to maintain a constant temperature.

Outside, as well as the green roof, we have a rain water capture tank. This enables us to collect all of the excess rain water that falls onto the roof which we then use this to flush all of the toilets in the office.

Inside the office we have many energy saving features.

In the computer server room we have 8 servers working away and generating an enormous amount of heat. We have installed a very clever heat exchange unit which takes the heat out of the server room and pumps cold air back in to keep the servers at their optimum temperature. The heat we have taken out is then used to warm the hot water that is used for washing our hands.

Throughout the office all of our lighting works on motion sensors and daylight sensors so when the office is vacated we never forget to turn the lights off as they do it themselves. This is brilliant for areas that are not used all day such as the warehouse and the kitchen. The daylight sensors help us to save energy by only being bright when it is not so sunny outside. We also use low energy light bulbs for every light.

Peoples actions are also important to how we treat the environment, so to encourage everyone to do their little bit in every office we have some fun, clearly labelled automatic opening separation bins for all of our waste that is now carefully recycled.

We have also installed a new bike shed to try and encourage as many people as possible to leave their cars at home and cycle to work. This benefits everyone!

As well as using modern technology to help us reduce the amount of energy we use on a day to day basis on the outside of the office we have planted the surrounding areas with a beautiful combination of 20 silver birch trees, pepperidge bushes, lonicera hedges and ferns.